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Hello, I'm Kiren, the creative mastermind behind every jaw-dropping cake featured on my website. While I could go on about my qualifications, experience, and knowledge, I'd rather focus on what truly matters, YOU!

Your cake dreams and your unique love story. Whether you have admired my work, experienced the pleasure of savouring my cakes before, or been recommended by a friend or venue, I believe this destined encounter is a testament to the magic that awaits.

Let's embark on this delightful journey together, creating a masterpiece that celebrates your story, leaving an unforgettable memory on you and your guests.


How it all began...


From a young age, I've been captivated by art, design, and the intricate details found in various forms of expression. I draw inspiration from diverse sources like fashion, travel, architecture, and beyond.

After graduating with a degree in fashion design, I decided to do the ‘normal’ thing and take the corporate route and I enjoyed a successful career within the financial industry. However, after 12 years of number crunching fun I realised that my 9-5 job was no longer fulfilling me. Over the years, I've delved into various creative fields, from fashion, make-up artistry to furniture restoration. However, cake designing came as a bit of a curveball - it wasn't something I'd ever considered. Yet, when I baked my first cake in 2014 for my now husband, I was hooked - despite it being less than perfect. Determined to elevate my baking skills, I turned my love of art and baking into a raging passion. After some soul searching I discovered I was meant for greater things, where my purpose was to spread joy through my innate artistic brilliance and creative flare. And as they say the rest is history.

How its progressing today...

Today I live in Kent with my biggest supporters my husband and our son, fondly referred to as "Little Sugar." In 2016 his birth ignited a spark within me, propelling my professional baking journey. This is when I founded Little Sugar & Co., a culmination of a lifelong passion for art and design with my equally important passion for cake and all things sweet.

Every day, I wake up powered by excitement, creativity, and an unwavering passion for my craft, all inspired by the joy my Little sugar brings to my life.

In 2023, my love for baking took a new turn which allowed me to offer more services. Today,I offer three types of products, luxury wedding cakes, artistic celebration cakes and decedent brownies and cookies available to order online or at my captivating pop- up shops and vibrant markets and festivals across the picturesque county of Kent. My range of services caters to every celebration. Turning what started as a hobby into a full blown artistic pursuit.


My vision for tomorrow...


My mission? Well, besides spreading happiness, creativity, and a whole lot of cake into the world, I'm all about making your cake dreams come true. So buckle up to be swept off your feet because each cake I create is a masterpiece, a delectable reflection of your unique story and personality. I pour my heart and soul into every slice, so you can be sure that your cake will be as memorable as your special day itself.

The next chapter for Little sugar & Co. is all about helping more couples, just like you, achieve their dream cakes without the unnecessary stress.

I'm equally passionate about expanding the reach of our brownies and cookies – imagine finding them at places like Harrods; it's a dream that I know will become a reality one day.

Little Sugar & Co. has grown far beyond being a home hobby. It's now a thriving business and I'm excited about what the future.

What values guide my business ?

Our guiding motto, "Crafting Indulgent Memories," encapsulates the essence of our business philosophy. We are dedicated to infusing creativity and quality into every cake we craft, ensuring that your narrative is flawlessly captured in every mouthwatering bite.

My business and brand values are centered around the following 

My vision extends to becoming a beacon of inspiration and innovation in the world of culinary artistry.

I am always seeking new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of cake design and flavour. I am bold, curious and a risk taker. I have always been someone who challenge the status quo and asks “Why not?”. I worry about whether an idea is big enough, not if it

will fail.

As a cake designer, I know how important it is to have a wedding cake that not only tastes amazing but looks visually stunning too. It's one of those things that can make your day feel extra special and memorable.

In every postal treat I send, at every food and drink festival I attend, and in every bite of my creations, my unwavering dedication is to infuse happiness, creativity, and a touch of magic into your life.

My mission is to bring innovation, creativity and joy, not just to weddings, but to all moments, big or small, where a sweet indulgence can elevate the spirit. From simple and elegant to extravagant and detailed, I love working with couples to create an artistic cake that reflects their personalities and stories bringing your vision to life.

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“The cake was stunning! From the design to the taste, everything was so perfect and loved by EVERYONE.”

Ayesha- London

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