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Wedding Cake Flavours


“I’m deeply passionate about the flavours and ingredients I use within my cakes. I believe that the taste is just as important as its aesthetic appeal, which is why I go above and beyond to source the highest quality ingredients for all my cakes.”

Kiren Rathore

Baking lies at the core of my craft, and I take great pride in crafting cakes that not only offer an exceptional taste but also encapsulate the joy of delightful flavours. My commitment extends to using only the finest ingredients, with a strong preference for locally sourced options whenever feasible.

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Here's an overview of what goes into my cakes

• Higher welfare free-range eggs

• Organic British flour

• Sustainably sourced, top-quality Belgian chocolate

• Seasonal fruits produced locally

• All-natural spices and flavourings, including organic Madagascan vanilla

Below, you'll discover a selection of my most beloved cake flavours. However, if you have a unique flavour in mind, don't hesitate to share your ideas, as I also offer a personalised flavour development service to cater to your preferences.

Wedding Cake Menu

Our Signature menu offers an exceptional selection of flavour combinations for couples seeking a truly classic experience.

Our Fruity menu presents a refreshing array of flavours, providing couples with a refreshing and delightful choice.

Our rich and spiced range offers an enticing choice of flavour combinations for couples in search of something unique.


Please note that all of my cakes are prepared in a kitchen where dairy, soya, gluten, eggs and nuts are present.

Even if your cake does not include these ingredients, traces of these products may be present within your cake, therefore I cannot guarantee a product will be 100% free from.

Whilst I’m able to make free-from cakes for customers with intolerance's or for dietary preferences I

do not cater for customers with allergies as my kitchen is not a certified allergy free work space.


Wedding Cake Tasting Box

Explore our Signature Tasting Boxes—a captivating chance to savor our most sought after cake flavours before finalising your wedding cake booking.

“It was incredible and tasted AMAZING just as i knew it would.”


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